Hotel de Russie at Sunday brunch – a star-studded event

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This story is about four things: The Hotel de Russie's garden, the power of the unexpected, the benefits of solo...

The Cipriani dream turns 60 – and it’s better than ever

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Quite some time ago, I was sent, like a piece of baggage, to the Cipriani in Venice. Lana Dopper, then...

10 questions with Giampaolo Ottazzi of the Belmond Hotel Cipriani

Posted by in Luxury

Born in Genoa, Giampaolo Ottazzi has worked in luxury hotels for more than 35 years. Now Direttore D'Albergo presso (General...

When fashion loses its meaning, it’s time for style

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Fashion has entered a state of pure postmodernism where anything goes and nothing means anything anymore, argues Eugene Rabkin. In...

La Montecarlo, the dream pizzeria

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It had been a mild morning in Rome, full of activity - including a general Papal audience in St Peter's...

Senator Hanson has a turn for the worse

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Last week, Pauline Hanson simply melted down on live television, shrieking and strident as she condemned colleague Senator Brian Burston...

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