When fashion loses its meaning, it’s time for style

Posted on 14/08/2018 0 CommentPosted by in News

Fashion has entered a state of pure postmodernism where anything goes and nothing means anything anymore, argues Eugene Rabkin.

In 2006, the American artist Jason Rhoades installed his final work in his Los Angeles studio before overdosing on a combination of heroin and medication. The installation was called Black Pussy and spread over 3,000 square feet. Besides 185 neon signs that spelled out various terms for female genitalia, there were hundreds of hookah pipes, 350 dream catchers, 89 beaver hats, 72 Chinese Scholar stones and more.

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Image 1: H&M Image 2: All about trend. Image 3: Melania Trump’s dressing style? Red hot mess. Image 4: So simple, style.

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