Kinfolk is here, but is it staying?

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Skewering the kinfolk trend is a lot of fun, as Morwenna Ferrier of The Guardian indicates with her Signs you are in the Kinfolk cult. Are you game enough to test yourself?


Kinfolk magazine launched in Portland, Oregon some years ago to resounding hype. Based around the slow-living movement – which as the name suggests, encourages people to live a self-contained lifestyle, reconnect with the earth, shun technology where possible and drive a bit less – it fast became a bible for an alternative aspirationalism based around distressed furnishing, cable knits, blood oranges and “quiet” breakfasts.

Different from hipsters, Kinfolk folk have simpler goals. Some however  find the whole vibe of pseudo-simplicity “elitist.”

If any of the resonates with your lifestyle (or, you know, if you have a “lifestyle”), there’s a good chance that you have fallen into the Kinfolk cult. So, how many of the following traits apply to you …

1. You have very strong feelings about ramen.

2. At least two of your friends consider themselves to be salt gurus.

3. Half of your wardrobe is inspired by “pre-dawn.”

4. You have, on more than one occasion, tripped over a hurricane lamp when leaving the house.

5. You regularly consider “knocking through”.

6. Most of your furniture could concuss a small child.

7. You consider crabbing an “essential” skill.

8. Your cupboard contains more than one egg cup. None of these is novelty.

9. You can pronounce Antipodium. Ditto Marimekko and terrarium.

10. Your Instagram feed features any of the following: pesto, “sprigs”, a terracotta pot containing a cactus.

11. Your bedside table would break most health and safety standards (think: exposed light fittings, unvarnished wooden surface).

12. You would consider your dog to be “low-key.”

13. You regularly use any of the following words in dialogue: sensibility, undertone, unfussy.

Full list here: 39 signs you are in the Kinfolk cult (The Guardian)

Main image: The Block, Nine Network Josh and Elyse’s sitting room

Image 1: Kinfolk’s small dinner party cook book

Image 2: inside Kinfolk’s office

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