Adults kids living at home? Time for the new house rules

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The current housing crisis in Australia has meant that young adult children, who might om other .times have left home in their late teens, early 20s are now delaying lift off until their mid twenties. Sometimes later. And then, they often bounce in and out as they try to save the deposit for their own homes Here are some rules for this social phenomenon.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, if you’re many a mum anxiously awaiting the Back-to-School routine. But not every mum is doing a happy dance, so beware the weeping women in the backpack section at Target.

For some, there is marked melancholy this time of year which has little to do with chicks fleeing our nests. Quite the contrary, some of us have the opposite: Kids who aren’t going back to school and are returning to roost under our weary wings.

If you have the pleasure of living with young adults under your roof, here are some rules for adult children living at home:

1. You will contribute financially to this household. You can call it rent, or room and board or even living fees.

But the truth is, something’s got to get coughed up each week and it has little to do with the obvious fact that everything increases with every warm body that is planted in a home.

Food, water, electric, cable, everything. That’s a no-brainer.

The more important reason for pitching into the household is because you should, that’s why.

If you’re not working hard enough to fork over money each week, then you’re not working hard enough. Period.

Throw in a few home cooked meals and access to laundry and you’d be up a creek if you had to REALLY pay for all this stuff outside of this home.

Be happy to hand over a minimal yet reasonable amount. You don’t see it now, but this absurd and unfair demand is building character and an appreciation for what things cost, of which you truly have no idea.

This is my house, therefore it is my bedroom. You get to sleep in it. You are welcome to enjoy continued privacy in this space that is covered under my mortgage payment, so long as you respect this space.

Foul smells coming out of it render your privacy null and void. The detection of wet towels, food items or any suspicion of conduct unbecoming also nullifies the terms of your privacy.

2. We are your family, not your roommates. Picking up after yourself is a sign of respect for those who live among you.

Not doing so is a blatant sign of immaturity which indicates you simply do not understand this.

No one wants to see hairs in a sink, step on toenail clippings or find food, utensils, blood, or body parts in the bathroom.

If people can figure out what you’ve eaten for breakfast based on the remains left on the kitchen counter, you are being rude. The maid is far too busy pruning the money tree out back. Put stuff away and get rid of your own mess. Common courtesy, that’s all…

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