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It’s easy to be fond of barley. Thick warming winter soups depend on it. Beer. Whiskey. Boza (see story about the best boza bar in Istanbul in Travel > Off the beaten track).

But who would ever have thought that it would be a key ingredient in a highly scientifically rated beauty serum? Or that it would come from the land of Björk?

Well, it is and it does come from Iceland. And it is drawing  rave reviews when it comes to an anti-ageing creams which actually work.

Iceland to the rescue!

Marlisa Racco reviewed Bio-Effect Serum for The Globe and Mail.

The Product

BioEffect EGF Serum, $190

The Promise

This innovative anti-aging serum from Iceland vows to restore skin’s youthful radiance and minimize the appearance of fine lines, thanks to unique biotechnology that uses plants to mimic the stimulation of human cells.

How it works

The key ingredient, EGF (epidermal growth factor), is a cellular activator that stimulates cell renewal, as well as the production of collagen and elastin. BioEffect is the first brand to use plant-derived EGF; it has achieved this by copying the genetic information of human cellular activators onto the barley plant, which is cultivated in Icelandic volcanic pumice and watered with pure spring water to maintain purity, activity and stability.

How to use it

Smooth two to four drops on clean, dry skin at night.

The bottom line

The science behind this product is mind-boggling. I mean, transferring human cellular code onto barley? I’ve been using this product steadily for about three weeks and I have to agree with the 25 per cent of Icelandic women over the age of 30 who say that it improves skin tone and texture, reduces fine lines and boosts radiance. It’s a one-step night-time process. On the negative side, it can be sticky on the skin and it takes a long time to really absorb.

So… the bottle of Bioserum has been purchased on line and is now going for a test run! Results later…

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