Best gelato in Florence? Your guide here!

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So what are you looking for in a good, artisanal gelato? It’s all about the colour and the texture.


1) Look at the colors of the gelato.  Are they over the top – pistachio the colour of a bright green nuclear meltdown, for instance, or the strawberry the lurid red of President Trump’s tie? You want a pistachio green which is subtle, a red which is pink, not blood orange.  If the colours are lurid,  it’s more than likely this is not artisanal gelato and that artificial coloring (and perhaps flavouring) have been used in the process. In a gelateria that uses only natural ingredients, the colors will be more refined. Have a look at the banana gelato. It should not be the colour of a Banana in Pajamas.  It should be grey. (Now doesn’t that sound appetising?)

2) Can you see the gelato’s ingredients listed?  Real artisanal gelaterie love their products so much they love to list what they have used to create their taste sensations. The ingredients should not be a secret.  If you can’t see a list them already posted somewhere, ask the staff; they should be  happy to tell you.

3) How is the gelato displayed? If the gelato is piled high in the display freezer, it is probably whipped. Slow-churned is the style for artisanal gelato and, according to the experts, the product should be stored in covered, circular containers.

4) Are the fruit flavors in season? This is a total no-brainer. Certain fruits are available year-round – think bananas, lemons, and other citrus.  The fruit flavors available in a gelateria are a good indicator of whether the gelato-maker is using fresh, local ingredients.  The flavors in the store should be available at the local farmer’s markets. A peach-flavored gelato in July is fine. Peach in January, not so much. June is strawberry season in Rome. Fraises des bois, are in around April/May.

5) Is it made on-site?  Ask. Gelato made on premises is less likely to be mass-produced.

Here are some of the best in Florence, thanks to the experts at Visit Florence.

Must try Classics Adventureland
– La Carraia – Badiani Gelateria dei Neri
 Carapina – Vivoli – Cantina del Gelato
– Mordilatte Sorriso – Procopio
– Perchè no? Vestri – Rivareno
– Grom Venchi Edoardo
    Gelato della Passera

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And… tell us what you think. Name your favourite gelato shop anywhere in the world and we can include it in our Things we like category to spread the love.

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